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Entries from June 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010


What Do Reviewers Think of Immunet Protect 2.0? Find Out in This Week's Review Summary

Over 318,000 people are now protected by Immunet Protect. Here’s a roundup of what reviewers are saying about Immunet Protect 2.0. To share your own review online, please post to our Facebook Fan Page, we'd love to hear from you!

“When I first reviewed Immunet Protect in May of this year (while it was still in Beta), I was impressed with its light use of system resources and bandwidth. Now, with the official release of Version 2, (June 17, 2010), I’m even more impressed…Immunet Protect is a highly responsible company which listens to its community of users.”

-          Bill Mullins, Tech Thoughts

“The refreshing interface is exactly the opposite of what antivirus screens used to be: windows with highly complicated sets of options an average user would have trouble understanding. Immunet Protect presents all the features clearly and in an easy-to-understand manner.”

-          Softpedia 

“And the biggest advantage of Immunet is that you can use it along with your existing security software. It will not hinder or create any interference with its working. Thus it adds a lightweight layer of extra protection to your PC Security plan. What more can you ask from a freeware product.”

-          Silki Garg, The PC Security

“Immunet 2.0 is out, public, and fantastic with a new community feature, making fighting [viruses] even more fun.”

-          Salem Hilal, TechnoHeads

“it does offer though is an extra dose of peace of mind …”

-          Seth Rosenblatt, CNET

Have you joined the Immunet Protect 2.0 community yet? If not, download it here or tell your family and friends!


Immunet Protect 2.0 now available!

Today marks a huge milestone for the team here at Immunet.  As Immunet reaches its two year anniversary I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of Immunet Protect 2.0.  The Immunet team has been hard at work for the past 9 months, building the next version of our free, fast and lightweight cloud-based antivirus product.  We originally launched Immunet Protect 1.0 last August and since then have had over 275,000 people install our product.  Thank you everyone for your support!  Here is what you will see today:

  1. A re-launch of the Immunet web site which is now live at http://www.immunet.com.  Nobody would argue that our site needed a facelift as our company and membership has grown!

  2. The release of Immunet Protect 2.0 Free, our free product now includes many of the features that you would expect in a full fledged antivirus product, including full system scan, scheduled scan, context menu scan, and gaming mode.  It also contains a first for the antivirus industry – a built in Community feature that allows you to protect others and share the product with your most trusted contacts. 

    Immunet Protect's integrated Community feature allows members to extend virus protection to their most trusted friends and family members.  Once shared, members can view the protection status with those contacts who have also installed the product, giving them confidence when sharing links, photos, and other information online. Community members can view the total protective power of their network, indicating how many viruses they have collectively blocked; we call this their Protection Factor.

  3. The release of Immunet Protect 2.0 Plus, an upgrade from our Free product for users who are looking for complete stand alone protection.  Plus provides advanced protection capabilities including rootkit detection, offline scanning and sophisticated threat removal.  The product starts at $19.95 for a one computer, one year license; a very competitive price relative to the cost of other antivirus products!

As part of our launch, CNET has covered Immunet on cnet.com with a review from Seth Rosenblatt.  In addition, CNET’s download.com will be offering Immunet Protect Plus 2.0 for free through TrialPay when you take advantage of a third party offer!

Upgrade your version of Immunet Protect 2.0 today and join in the effort to protect others!



Immunet Protect Free (2.0) Launches This Week!

This week Immunet comes fully out of beta with the release of Immunet Protect Free (2.0). Stay tuned to the Immunet blog this week as we unveil new product features and other news that will transform your experience with fast, companion antivirus protection.

Immunet Protect Free provides real-time antivirus protection to every PC through a collaborative and layered approach that remains compatible with traditional security solutions, but also works faster and lighter than traditional antivirus (up to 35x lighter!). We’ve expanded our collective approach to protecting your PC with exclusive features that will make it even easier to connect, share, and stay safe online with your network.

Let’s kick off launch week with some feedback from our users, whose positive support and enthusiasm has helped make Immunet Protect Free 2.0 a superb product.  To all of those who have supported us along the way, including our loyal beta users and beta testers, thank you!

The Immunet Team is busy preparing the finishing touches on both Immunet Protect Free and Immunet Protect Plus, our new advanced antivirus product, also coming this week!

To be notified immediately when Immunet Protect Free and Plus are available for download, please become an Immunet Fan on Facebook.

 “Three days ago, I used your full search setting and was able to find two Trojans, at least one of which was slowing my computer to a crawl. Thank you very much, Immunet, for your fine product. I am presently testing your Beta product…I had used several other highly rated malware products in trying to track down the cause of my slow computer and the other products failed to find anything related to this problem.” -  Thomas Owens (via Facebook)

“Immunet is great antivirus software. I am using about 5 months. No virus, no performance lost!” -  (Miguel Velasquez via Facebook)


Nice Work Guys !! the best antivirus keeps my  PC safe. :D”  - Mustafa 'Onur (via Facebook)

I've decided to run both Immunet Protect and MSE together in tandem on my Desktop computer. Why both? they both excel at different things” –Chris Hunsanger via  Twitter

MSE + immunet...very nice combo if you're on Vista or 7”Lee Matthews  via Twitter

Immunet- very strong.” – Marin Melania (via Facebook).  

We’d like to hear from you too. Reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or here and let us know what you’re looking forward to with Immunet Protect Free 2.0.   


Oliver Friedrichs on Keeping Families Safe 

Yesterday, Immunet CEO Oliver Friedrichs was invited to be a guest on Cyberhood Watch Radio to talk about the importance of keeping families safe online. Hosts Dave & Bill tapped into Oliver’s expertise to inform audience about keeping teens safe this summer as they spend more time online connecting with their friends. They also asked for Oliver’s take on the urgency of malware lurking on social networks and how Immunet Protect’s unique social network can help you – and your children -- make good decisions online. Take the time to listen and learn about the looming threats online and why traditional antivirus products aren’t working. Click on the show titled “What Consumers Need to Know About Antivirus Software & How to Stay Protected.”
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‘Gaming’ Malware 

You are exploring the Wild West – at every turn there are grisly town hangings, gunfire ambushes, and reckless gambling sprees. All of this is just part of a day’s work. What actually stops you in your tracks is, when you’re suddenly warned that you have a dangerous virus – a computer virus, that is.

Hackers recently exploited the popular Wild West-themed computer game Red Dead Redemption with scareware. While scareware seems strangely appropriately for a game that thrives on danger, this malware was not part of the amusement. In fact, this is the latest in a string of video games to become prey for malicious software.  

While games being infected with malware is nothing new, the problem is gamers are sometimes reluctant to install antivirus software on their PCs for fear of slowing down their machines and hampering their gaming experience. But as gaming grows from a niche activity to an all-out national pastime, gaming malware could proliferate rapidly unless we step up and protect ourselves. Already we’ve seen popular social games, like Zynga, have become targets of malware and phishing scams.

And here’s the good news. Being protected doesn’t mean turning your computer into a brick anymore. That’s the outmoded desktop-approach to antivirus. Immunet Protect’s cloud-based protection installs less than 10 megs on your PC --- the lightest in the industry. All detection will happen virtually in the cloud, not on your desktop -- so your gaming experience won’t be weighed down. For those who are already protected, Immunet will give you an added layer of essential protection , still without slowing down your PC.

As we’ve mentioned here before, we’re launching a stellar new product next week that takes cloud AV protection to the next level. Stay tuned for more details. And in the meantime, be a friend to Immunet, and promote our new website (also coming next week) with a free Immunet Badge.


Did I Infect My Friends? Part 4: Rootkits - The Stealthiest Attack of All

Imagine having a true "ghost in the machine" that spies on your every keystroke and is completely undetected while your financial data is being stolen away? Introducting the rootkit. No, that is not a gardening term.You may think the worst case scenario of getting a virus infection is having your PC crash or be rendered so slow that it's virtually unusuable. If you are like most typical consumers who are underprotected, either because their virus detections are days or weeks too old, or your subscription has expired, you may have experienced a virus infection once or twice in the lifetime of your PC. If you were infected with the stealthiest virus of all but don't even know it, you could unwittingly infect your friends in the process unless you've got the right protection installed. 

What are rootkits?

Rootkits were originally developed for Unix systems. The word rootkit comes from the practice of granting a user what's known as "root" level access or privileges, also known as administrator privileges, to the operating system. Hackers who create rootkits now choose Windows as their preferred attack target, and while most rootkits exploit operating system vulnerabilities to sneak onto your PC, some can infiltrate via instant messenger applications, or through email attachments. Sometimes hackers use social engineering in the form of rogue antivirus or fake operating system messages to trick the user into allowing rootkit installation onto their PC. The rootkit gives the hacker permission to gain administrator-level control over your computer system without being detected, and in doing so can essentially "hide" whatever other malware may be operating on your system. Have you ever seen the famed "blue screen of death" (as it usually means death for your PC)? A rootkit is possibly the culprit.

Defending Your PC Against Rootkits

The first line of defense against rootkits is real-time antivirus software. Without comprehensive antivirus software that addresses rootkit detection and removal, you could be divulging passwords, financial data and highly sensitive information to a cybercriminal without ever knowing it. Next week's release of Immunet Protect Plus includes advanced detection of rootkits, viruses, spyware, and much more, so stayed tuned for details on how to upgrade! Join our Facebook Fan Page now to get instantly notified as soon as Immunet Protect Free and Plus are available for download next week.

Our current version of Immunet Protect does not contain rootkit protection, so we advise our users to run a companion antivirus product alongside Immunet Protect that does detect rootkits, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, avast, Norton and others on our list of officially supported companion antivirus products.

As we've said before, protecting your PC is not just about avoiding the pain and damage to your own self, but also about preventing the unnecessary and embarrassing infection of your friends' PCs as well. Friends don't let friends get viruses, so please use Immunet Protect to keep your community safer. You can also be a friend to Immunet, and promote our new website (coming next week) with a free Immunet Badge.



Did I Infect my Friends? Part 3: Clickjacking

This week, Facebook users were struck with a clickjacking worm that deceives users into “liking” sites to spread the virus. Clickjacking, similar to phishing, either tricks users into giving away sensitive information or works by hackers taking control of a computer when a user clicks on what seems like a harmless site. Here’s how the Facebook clickjacking worked, as reported in InformationWeek:

Clickjacking -- also known as likejacking -- works by spamming Facebook users with such content as "LOL this girl gets owned after a police officer reads her status message” and “the prom dress that got this girl suspended from school."

Click on the link, and a user will go to a seemingly blank page that says “click here to continue.” But thanks to “an invisible iFrame,” said [Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, on the company’s blog], clicking anywhere on the page actually republishes the attack content and link on the Facebook user’s status page, “in a similar fashion to the ‘Fbhole’ worm we saw earlier this month.” Fbhole likewise spread via Facebook status messages.

Other recent examples of this type of attack include, the “Distracting Beach Babes.”   If you’re struck, the key is to remove all the "likes and interests" from your profile. Then, delete the page from your newsfeed, most likely to be found in the ‘Recent Activity’ section of the profile but you may have scroll down for a bit. Then, get yourself protected to keep it from happening again. Your best bet is a product, like Immunet Protect, that is designed specifically to target malware on social networks, in particular Facebook. And if you haven’t yet been hit, download AV protection now as a preventative measure.

There’s really no reason not to take this simple step. It’s free to download Immunet Protect, it’s lightweight and won’t slow down your computer, and it provides essential security for your PC.


Keeping Safe on Twitter 

While Facebook’s security measures have been garnering top media attention, Mark Zuckerberg’s hugely popular network isn’t the only site hackers are targeting. Twitter’s mushrooming community has also become a favorite for hackers. 

They’re of course, drawn to Twitter’s user base that reaches well into the millions and according to some forecasts will hit 1 billion users by 2013. Case in point, earlier this month the Sunbelt Blog demonstrated how a DIY Twitter Botnet Creator is making botting shockingly simple for hackers. The good news is, the attack method exposes the hackers. And Sunbelt has already notified Twitter about the risk. While Twitter is doing everything it can to keep its users safe, it’s wise to ensure that you’re taking some extra precautions as well. 

Scares, like the DIY botnet, serve as a necessary wake-up call to remind us that undiscovered risks continue to lurk in the digital world. We deserve to enjoy our online communities, but the truth is, we have to be smart about how we do it. 

This is where Immunet Protect comes in. As with Facebook, Immunet Protect is designed to explicitly combat threats on sites like Twitter.

It’s free to download Immunet Protect, it’s lightweight and won’t slow down your computer, and it provides essential security for your PC. Why not do your part to keep you – and your community -- safe?