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And the Winner is…Drum Roll, please…Marc Allard

First let me thank everyone who participated in our Collective Immunity Contest! We launched the contest on January 12 to promote the value of friends, family and neighbors banding together to protect their PCs from Internet-born viruses and other malware. 

This contest garnered international participation and I’m happy to report that our winner hales from Canada! Ottawa-resident Marc Allard has won 50 one-year subscriptions of Immunet Protect Plus to share with his Personal Online Community and $100 cash reward to line his own pocket.

Congratulations, Marc!

We asked Marc about his impressions of Immunet’s Collective Immunity™ initiative. Here’s what he told us:

“I’ve been the victim of virus attacks in the past and, so far, I just love the service Immunet provides. I’m very excited to be able to offer free upgrades of the paid version to all of my friends, because I really do believe that the secret to fighting PC viruses is to group our efforts.”

Clearly, Marc and Immunet think alike when it comes to PC protection.

Immunet’s Collective Immunity™ technology uses the power of the Internet (the “Cloud”) to create a network protection effect that keeps your PC and the computers of your friends and family safe online from more than 21 million Internet-based threats. When Immunet detects a threat, everyone in the Immunet Community is immediately protected, simply by having Immunet installed.  Each time a virus is blocked on one computer in the Immunet Community ALL other computers are instantly protected from the same virus, increasing the speed and level of virus protection with each new member.  This collaborative approach uses “strength in numbers” that grows smarter with each new community member.  Contrast this to traditional anti-virus software that requires the latest download of anti-virus signatures, which can take days to become available after the threat appears.

Over One Million People Depend on Immunet Protect:  It’s Lightweight, Fast and Compatible with Other Security Software

Immunet Protect Free is today’s most innovative cloud-based anti-viral software for protecting your PC and social network against cyber threats from around the world. Within seconds of downloading it, you gain the protection produced by every other PC in the Immunet Community around the world—now over a million strong, including Vatican City. Even CNET is singing its praises, giving it at 4.5 star rating (out of 5) and saying it provides “…an extra dose of peace of mind” in a June 2010 review.  Immunet Protect is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions, which take up between 100 and 350 megabytes of disk space and causes performance slowdowns. In contrast, Immunet Protect uses only 10 megabytes of space, to keep PCs running at optimal speeds.

Immunet Protect Plus provides everything that Immunet Protect Free provides, plus a host of advanced antivirus capabilities, including enhanced virus removal, the ability to schedule virus scans, offline scanning that protects PCs even when they’re disconnected from the Internet, and more for just $19.95.

Once again, Marc, thanks for taking the Immunet PC Anti-Virus Community Challenge. We’re sure your friends will be thanking you, too!

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