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Is Your PC Haunted?

The fact is your PC could be haunted by all manner of malicious code from zombies, botnets and worms to viruses, Trojans, spyware and keyloggers—and not just at Halloween. Anyone who’s ever been attacked by any of these vile creatures knows it’s downright frightful. The thought of your PC becoming infected and then infecting those of your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances is enough to make you scream! Even more horrifying is losing your hard drive and everything on it: family photos, files, your address book—a shocking experience that is a very real possibility without the proper antiviral safeguards.

Then there’s the criminal aspect: Trojans, which are spread by email attachments and bogus Internet downloads, turn PCs into zombie machines, enabling their creators to suck the good stuff out of your computer and pass it on to the bad guys for all manner of mischief. A botnet is a group of connected zombie computers that can be used for spamming and mass credit card fraud, among other things. It can take less than five minutes of time online for a Trojan virus to take hold of an unprotected computer and use it for illicit activities—and the owners rarely suspect it. According Microsoft’s just released Security Intelligence Report over 2.2 million PCs in the U.S. are infected by botnet viruses.

While there are no silver bullets to protect your PC, there is Immunet. Think of it as the magic potion to shield your PC from malevolent cyber tricksters looking to wreak havoc on unsuspecting home computers – and not just yours, but everyone you communicate with via email or over the Internet. Social networking venues like Twitter and Facebook, and online games, are especially fertile breeding grounds for these creepy invaders when people don’t protect their PCs with AntiVirus software.

And here’s a scary thought sure to make you quake in your boots:  According to a recent USA Today article, an estimated 40% to 60% of PCs are completely unprotected. These machines are easy targets for cybercriminals. Infecting them, stealing data and using them to conduct online scams is as easy as sneaking chocolate out of your kid’s Halloween stash. If you’re socializing online with someone who has an unprotected PC that becomes infected, you and all of your friends are likely to be the next victims.

To counter the threat, Immunet developed a new way to keep personal PCs safe. Immunet’s Collective Immunity™ technology uses the power of the Internet (the “Cloud”) to create a network protection effect that keeps your PC and the computers of your friends and family safe online. Each time a virus is blocked on one computer in the Immunet Community ALL other computers are instantly protected from the same virus, increasing the speed and level of virus protection with each new member. This collaborative approach uses “strength in numbers” that grows smarter with each new community member.

Just like you’d never let your child go Trick-or-Treating alone, there’s safety in numbers when it comes to keeping your PC safe. Immunet Protect Free is today’s most innovative cloud-based anti-viral software for protecting your PC and social network against all manner of cyber threats from around the world. Within seconds of downloading it, you gain the protection produced by every other PC in the Immunet Community around the world—now nearly 600,000 strong, including Vatican City.

Unlike traditional antivirus products, which reside on PC hard drives, and take between one and 14 days to gather, analyze and deliver updates—often after the threat has mutated, Immunet identifies viruses in real-time and continually delivers antivirus protection via an Internet connection to its community of Immunet Protect users. Immunet Protect is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions, which take up between 100 and 350 megabytes of disk space and causes performance slowdowns. In contrast, Immunet Protect uses only 10 megabytes of space, to keep your PC running at its optimal speed.

And in the spirit of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re offering a 25% discount for anyone who wants to upgrade to Immunet Protect Plus in October. Just enter the promotional code “OCTOBER” at the Immunet Store during check out.

Immunet Protect Plus provides everything that Immunet Protect Free provides, plus a host of extra goodies like enhanced virus removal, the ability to schedule virus scans, offline scanning that protects your PC even when you’re disconnected from the Internet, and more—all without slowing your PC to a sluggish crawl!

Have a Zombie Free Halloween! Be Safe!

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